Simplifying Life is Keeping a Little Distance

In order to uncomplicate this big idea of simplifying life, I’ll show you what it means to me!

My Daddy drilled into our little teenage brains the importance of keeping our distance while we’re driving. Did you get that message too? It has been the single most important piece of advice I’ve ever had when it comes to avoiding a wreck. He has shared with us (many, many times) the story of how , because he was far enough away from a wreck about to happen, that he was able to whip his 1965 Ford Falcon onto the shoulder of the road just in time to look ahead and see the car behind him slam into the car in front of him. It’s all about distance!

Just the other morning as I was heading to work, I looked up ahead and saw break lights firing up and cars screeching and trying to stop. I was about twenty car links behind, with plenty of room, but I slowed way down anyway, instinctively knowing that the further away I was from this potential mess, the better off I would be and the better chance I had of making it to work on time.

And that is what simplifying life is truly all about.

– It is staying out of the potential messes of life simply because we’re taking a little bit of time to think ahead and think a little differently.

– It is not being afraid to run with just a little bit of distance from the “crowd”.

– It is running on instinct and the little voice in my head that says “slow down, life is running a little too fast.”

– It is hopefully leading by an example in such a way that you are able to protect the ones coming up behind you.

– It is knowing that if you take life at a steady pace, you have a much better chance of getting where you want to go safely.

IMG_3642So is simplifying life always moving slowly? No.

Are we stepping out of the excitement of the fast lane all together? Heck no! It’s fun to drive fast!

Just ask my husband (left), taking a spin in a Lambo! When we see a clearing in the road ahead and we see something that “cranks our engine”, we’re full speed ahead! We’re just learning that the latest, greatest, coolest, fastest, most popular, most expensive, ride is not always the vehicle that will get you where you truly want to be in your family life and in your spiritual life. We’re creating just enough distance between ourselves and “everybody else” that we can think clearly and make amazing, well-prayed over decisions instead of having to make split second decisions that could easily turn disastrous.IMG_3643

People ask all the time, what is “simplifying family life all about”.    Well there it is…just keep a little distance and you’ll be just fine.

Happy Simplifying!

And lots of peace,

Kelly Breece

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