Embracing the Change from Summer Freedom to Fall Structure

Learn to embrace change.When the leaves start to fall off of our cherry trees I want to yell out the door, “Please don’t go! I’m not ready for you to leave, Summer. I was just getting started.” There are those moms who jump for joy on the first day of school. They look forward to wrapping up the chaos of “24-7 summer kid life”.

I’m not that mom.

School starting back marks the change of the season and I’m never ready or willing to let go of the one we’re in. Every year I resist. I put off buying back-to-school supplies until the night before. I refuse to look at a decorative pumpkin. I refuse to wear anything but my flip-flops. I insist on eating outside at restaurants even if it’s 99 degrees. The thought takes me over…”pretty soon this will be gone.”  I hang onto my “summer guest” as long as I possibly can. She tries to pull away and go where she goes but I hold on to her with a death grip.

The night before school began this year, I asked the kids, “Are you ready to get back into school?” My daughter answered without hesitation, “I can’t wait! ”

What?! But what about swimming? What about playing in the creek? What about all of the hikes we were going to take? We still haven’t done all that we said we wanted to do. She explained to me that she was just ready for a change. She was looking forward to seeing friends and finding out what fifth grade was like. I realized at that moment that all the while I was resisting this change, I thought I, as a Mom, was holding on to summer for them. It turns out they’re just fine.

After she shocked me with her answer, a funny thing started to happen. I started to let go a little bit. I actually got excited about the thought of getting back with my girlfriends for lunch and having personal time to go shopping or work on a home project. The more I thought about it the more I realized that this change that happens every year is really good for all of us. Suddenly when I watched more leaves falling off the trees I didn’t ache anymore. It felt natural and normal.  I can almost smell our first fall bonfire. Oh, and I can’t wait for football season to start.

I’m reminded that there is immense beauty in every season that we encounter. And that the process of change from one season to another is scary and painful and beautiful and exciting. And we will naturally resist change every time until that moment when something happens within our soul and we change, begin to let go, and are able to move forward.

Ways to embrace the change from summer freedom to fall structure.

1. When the kids get back in school, plan to take a class of your own. I’m thinking about a fall art class. It’s very exciting to think about a little brain stimulation of my own!

2. Get excited about getting organized now that the “anything goes” summer has come to an end. Take your home to a whole new level of “order”.

3. Make those long overdue plans with girlfriends who, over the summer, were much too busy with kids.

4. Write a “wrap up” of all the great things that happened over the summer. Gratitude for what was will help you to get excited about what will be.

5. Remember that in most places, we still have quite a bit of warm weather left. Grab your bike or hiking boots and take off. After the summer “free for all” we all usually need a little kickstart back to some regular exercise.

6. Still not in the mood? Go back and watch some great movies that take place in the autumn.

7. And last but not least…Go ahead…get a pumpkin spice candle. If nothing else does it, that will!

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Happy Simplifying!

And lots of peace,

Kelly Breece

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