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Every year we go to the beach for fall break. It usually happens on the second or third week of October. When we leave Tennessee, it’s warm and sunny. We go down south and steal one more week of summer back and our time on the beach is magnificent, but one thing I find so fun and exciting is that during our eight hour drive home from Florida back to Tennessee we experience something really wonderful. We leave in shorts and t-shirts and by the time we start rolling along the rolling hills of Tennessee, we have to reach in the back and grab a sweatshirt. This year, the temperature dropped from 82 degrees all the way down to 60 degrees. In one eight hour span of time, it’s as if we actually live the change of seasons. Watching the trees change before our eyes from bright green to dark reds and yellows is mesmerizing. The first gas stations are filled with people in summer cottons but our last fill-up is full of people in flannel and jeans. It puts life into perspective just a little bit. It puts time into perspective. We listen and pay more attention on the drive home to all that’s happening and changing all around us. We relive our balmy beach days and look forward to things that only come in fall.

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