Calm Down! Pay Attention! Say Thank You! But How?

 Mindful Parenting: Simple and Powerful Solutions for Raising Creative, Engaged, Happy Kids in Today’s Hectic World
is still one of the very best books I’ve read so far on parenting. In this book, Kristen Race speaks right to me. We were “Generation Stress” as she refers to it. She gave me an alternative- a very mindful way to live our family life. She gives so many practical and fairly easy ways to create a much more relaxed and happy home.

I refer to this book pretty often; I keep it on my desk all the time. I happened to pick it up this morning and I’m glad I did. This afternoon, we’ll take my son to his very first Boy Scout camp. And as anyone who’s ever been involved in the Boy Scouts, you know this week of camp is intense. The boys are pushed to do things they’ve never done before and are challenged to step way out of their comfort zone. I’m super excited for him, but a little nervous at the same time. I was just thinking, this morning, about how I can equip him to “kill it” at camp this week.

I opened the book and started reading about how we are always saying “Calm down! Why don’t you just pay attention! You should learn to be more thankful!” How many times have I said those words? My intentions are good. I want my son to “man up”. I want him to learn to be resilient. I want badly to steer him away from his sense of entitlement and learn to live with gratitude for all the incredible blessings that he’s been given. The question is…does he know how?

I found a video where Kristen Race explains just how we can teach our kids (and ourselves) to…

Calm down…by using mindful breathing

Pay Attention…by learning to listen mindfully

Be thankful…by living with gratitude

It’s really very simple when you think about it, but once we start practicing these ideas in our own lives, we can turn around and equip our kids with the same ideas and practices without barking orders.



I’d love to hear what you think about these approaches. Leave us a comment below.

Happy Simplifying!

And lots of peace,

Kelly Breece

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