I’m In Love with My Daily Planner!

erase1For those of you who want a tangible, not virtual look at your month, your week, your day, then you stumbled on the right blog. I’ve found the most amazing tool! 2015 Daily Planner
has everything I need.

As my son gets ramped up into the busyness of middle school I’ve talked till I’m blue in the face about the importance of having a daily planner. I say,

“If it isn’t written down, it might as well not exist.”

And it all really must be in one, convenient place.

I’ve tried so many planners in the past and they were all lacking in one thing and for that reason, I had to use extra tools, be it the phone, emails, and the good ole post-it notes, but oh it’s so nice to know it’s all right there in one place. I have a place to separate my work life from my personal life when I need to but have it close enough that I’m not sitting at gymnastics and suddenly remember I have a meeting across town!erase3

On top of being incredibly intuitive, it’s just plain pretty.



erase2There’s plenty of places for notes and plans…oh that just makes me giddy. In fact, I’m looking at my 2015 Daily Planner and I want to make a note so bad, but there’s nothing to write! I love how each week starts with a “Task List” so that we can write down what we’d like to accomplish in general without assigning it a certain date. Things change!

I love the scriptural reminders that pop up when I need them most.

I’m already thinking about how next year could be the most organized year ever with my 2015 Daily Planner. You can also visit Sue’s wonderful website to purchase your 2015 Daily Planner to get simplified and organized!. Homemakersfriend.com
Believe it or not, next year’s calendar will start filling up faster than you think.

Happy Simplifying!
And lots of peace,

Kelly Breece

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