Stand up for the Position of “Mom”

get-attachmentThis is my Women’s Lib! I finally have the courage and strength to stand up to people around me and say, “My first priority is being a Mother.”

And as soon as everyone around me sees that in my face and through my actions, we’ll all get along great and we can move forward.

I work in television production on a free lance basis. I would like to consider my job a part-time position, but others don’t always agree with that. Now for anyone who punches a time clock, you would think that being “free”-lance would come with the ultimate “free” dom. Afterall, we set our hours. We choose when we want to work, right? Well, in theory, well…sorta…not so much. When you have somewhat of a niche, freedom flies right out the window. Then, you wake up and find that you might as well go grab the time clock and start punching.

I’m supposed to be ultra accommodating, ultra responsible, ultra, ultra, ultra…

Here’s what I’ve learned. When I am trying to please people and because of that, am  sacrificing my attention to my first priority, which is my family, then I am no good to anyone! I forget things. I drop things. I screw things up. I no longer live with action, just reaction. And that’s no way to live, my sisters.

So, I stood up and did the scariest thing ever. I simply explained to a big part of my clients that I would be taking on a new perspective on my life. I would be scheduling my time based on the idea of family first, then my job. I walked into this endeavor fully expecting to lose every one of those clients, but guess what happened. Every single conversation I had ended with my client expressing to me that he, yes he, wishes he could slow down and spend more time devoted to family! A few of those talks ended in tears being choked back and not by me.  I feel empowered and I feel a mutual respect with my clients that did not exist before.

This is the new Women’s Lib! We have to take back the position that we tried to throw away all those years ago. There are a lot of women who will wholeheartedly disagree with me on this and that’s okay. This was the right choice for my family and for me. I gave up a few things for the one thing that I was so desperately missing in life…peace of mind and confidence knowing that I was doing what most needed to be done.

I’d love to hear what you think about these approaches. Leave us a comment below.

Happy Simplifying!

And lots of peace,

Kelly Breece

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