For Dinner, We’re Going Back to the Way It Used To Be

erase.sweetpotatoStress over dinner is all man-made. We did it. It’s not natural. It’s not the way life was designed.

This is all that I have learned: God made us plain and simple, but we have made ourselves very complicated. Ecclesiastes 7:29

My philosophy is this…if I’m dealing with a stressful area of life, I ask myself this question. What did people do 100 years ago?

Well, when it came to food, they had a tiny market where they went to buy groceries. They created simple menus based on what was available at the time. They had their staple recipes that I’m sure they could make in their sleep. I’m willing to bet that the kids could tell you what was for dinner based on the day of the week, but I’m guessing that stressing over what was for dinner was not something that was complained about when girlfriends got together.

Think about it. The reason we stress over what to do for dinner every night is because we have way too many choices now.

Should I go vegetarian? Should I grill out? Should we use the coupon we got in the mail at the restaurant down the street? I don’t even have time for dinner because we’re late for practice! I have a great new recipe but I don’t have all 17 ingredients! I just went to the store so why can’t I think of anything to make? I forgot to put the food in the crockpot this morning! We should just skip dinner and live on smoothies. I can’t feed my family Hotpockets! Cereal for dinner, are you kidding me…well maybe just tonight…it sure would be easier…just don’t admit it to anyone!

What I’ve learned in simplifying life is that we must make our own rules. We must create our own personal philosophies about what we want. And once we are very very clear on what we want, the ideas on how to make it happen just flow effortlessly to us.
erase.salmonI wanted a stress-free way to get a wholesome, healthy meal on our family dinner table (almost) every night (I enjoy a night off sometimes too). I wanted peace in my home at that time of day. Oh and I wanted to eat seasonably, knowing that our bodies were designed to do just that. In really looking at this, I quickly realized that there’s a very simple solution.

I went back to the way they did it back then, but I used the technology we have now!

I sat up the other night and very intentionally searched Pinterest: and  yes, Pinterest is an amazing tool for anyone wanting to simplify family life…just stick to your plan! I searched “raw and vegetarian recipes for the autumn season”. My simple plan was to come up with eight to ten recipes that we could stick with for the fall season. And here’s what I came up with. These recipes use a lot of vegetables (and some salmon thrown in for healthy fats) that are harvested in the fall so I know that we can get the freshest ingredients at my local farmer’s market. The recipes are very similar, however, they offer a different flavor every night. And of course, I chose recipes that I know my family will go after. I created a standard shopping list which I’ll plug into Cozi Central and I’m good to go till winter!


red beans and rice

Red beans and rice – veggies

Homemade veggie pizza

Crockpot veggie fajitas

Sweet potato tacos

Black bean burritos

Pumpkin chili

Crispy coconut kale with roasted salmon

And the old standard…breakfast for supper! Scrambled eggs, toast, and seasonal fruit

Happy Simplifying!

And lots of peace,

Kelly Breece

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